Andreas Volz


  • MD
  • Dermatologist, Dermatologic surgeon, Dermatopathologist ( board certified)
  • Specialization in dermatosurgery including micrographic surgery since 2007



  • Micrographic surgery using Tuebingen Torte (“Slow-Mohs”) and Muffin technique
  • Dermatosurgery carried out in local anesthesia including tumescence technique and using local flaps and skin grafts for reconstruction.  



January 2004 - June 2011:

Department of Dermatology, University Hospital Freiburg, German - Clinical focus: dermatosurgery, dermatopathology, dermatological oncology

Board certification in dermatology and venerology

Board certification  „Medical cancer therapy”


July 2011 - present:

Department of Dermatology, University Hospital Basel, Switzerland, Senior physician for dermatology heading the dermatosurgery unit - Clinical focus: dermatosurgery, dermatopathology, dermatological laser therapy

ICDP - UEMS International Board Certification in Dermatopathology

Swiss Board Certification “FMH Dermatopathology”